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St. Petersburg and Lenigradskaya oblast protected by Dr.Web AV-Desk

January 26, 2009

More residents are signing up for the Dr.Web anti-virus service in St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast to protect their personal computers by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk. Customers of PeterStar will get connected to “the Web" in the first quarter of 2009.

Dr.Web AV-Desk keeps breaking popularity records. It is the first Russia-made service that allows ISPs to provide anti-virus security along with the Internet service to their subscribers. Obviously an anti-virus as a service brings certain benefits to a provider company. It expands the list of services available to subscribers, fulfills their demand for anti-virus software and reduces the workload of the support service which otherwise has to deal with numerous requests from subscribers regarding virus incidents. At the same time subscribers don’t waste their time searching for an anti-virus which they need to get anyway. Besides, they can plan their anti-virus expenses and choose to sign up for only one month as well as for several months and have the monthly fee included in the service bill of their ISP.

Today six companies provide the Dr.Web anti-virus service to their subscribers in St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast: LInTeKS", "SkyNet", "Eltel", "Nauka-Svyaz", "Corbina Telecom", "Volkhov-Online", Triada. PeterStar is another provider company that has a significant share of the business telephony and Internet provision market in the North West of St. Petersburg and will join the ranks soon. By now Dr.Web AV-Desk has passed extensive internal testing successfully and all subscribers of PeterStar will be able to take advantage of Dr.Web anti-virus software in the nearest future.

There is no doubt that the number of companies deploying Dr.Web AV-Desk in St. Petersburg and towns and cities nearby will be growing steadily as all large ISPs in Moscow have already added Dr.Web anti-virus to their service lists A similar expansion will take place in St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast where anti-virus security is as relevant as in Moscow.

The successful advancement of Dr.Web AV-Desk shows commitment of Doctor Web to develop new technologies of its own. The Internet service hit the market at the end of 2007 and has already been adopted by many companies in Russia and the CIS.

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