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Administer Dr.Web for Android remotely via the Control Center

November 16, 2011

Doctor Web announced that Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus &Anti-Spam can now be administered via the Control Center of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. An administrator can manage the Dr.Web anti-virus run by all Android-devices in the corporate network via the single control center.

The administration features include remote control over the anti-virus settings and its components such as the scanner, file monitor, anti-spam and anti-thief. You can also edit anti-spam black and white phone number lists and apply these settings to all Android-devices on the network.

Also, an administrator can customize a list of applications that can be installed onto a device which includes allowing and banning a particular application version. Create a white list for programs you want to allow to install onto a device and then distribute the list between all Android-handhelds running Dr.Web.

Each device can be assigned user permissions from the following list:

  • Edit general settings
  • Edit scanner settings
  • Edit SpIDer Guard settings
  • Edit anti-spam settings
  • Edit anti-thief settings
  • Edit application filter settings
  • Disable SpIDer Guard.

Additionally you can automate virus database updating and downloading of key files. Data retrieved from devices via the Control Center includes information about virus outbreaks, detected and neutrolised threats, components start and stop on a particular device and the virus database version.

To get the updated Dr.Web for Android you need to download a new distribution file from Doctor Web's site and install it over the existing installation.

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