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Positive vision: Dr.Web Anti-virus for "Positive Telecom" customers

November 8, 2011

Doctor Web, the Russian market leader of Internet anti-virus security services, announced the launch of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service for subscribers of Positive Telecom, one of the largest ISPs (according to the number of subscribers) in the Saint Petersburg region.

Positive Telecom has been operating on the Saint Petersburg regional market since 2007, providing Internet access services based on its own network. The company was the first to establish LAN in the Lomonosov area and, in doing so, brought modern technologies to many private and corporate users in the region. The introduction of the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service was the company’s next step in creating an optimum package of services for its customers.

It is noteworthy that, according to a Positive Telecom representative, the Dr.Web AV-Desk was deployed at the request of subscribers who had a chance to evaluate the quality of Dr.Web Anti-virus protection and wanted to continue using the anti-virus under the most profitable and user-friendly conditions.

The service was deployed quickly: within just two days, taking into account the full cycle of system testing and the implementation of the billing feature. Since in most cases Dr.Web AV-Desk does not require any advanced individual settings, the company system administrator easily managed to deploy it.

"Even during the internal testing we noted the keen interest of Positive Telecom users in the Dr.Web Anti-virus service, and today we look forward to a large influx of customers", said Alexander Gukov, Positive Telecom’s network administrator. — All the more so since the proposed subscription packages allow us to cover the most diverse categories of subscribers. As an extra incentive to get customers to purchase anti-virus products, the administration is considering increasing the duration of the free testing period at the company's own expense. This solution must show how much attention we pay to the high-quality anti-virus protection of our customers".

About the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet Service

Doctor Web was the first anti-virus vendor to offer an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market.

The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk lets a service provider’s subscribers use the Dr.Web Anti-virus as a service: they can choose how long they want to subscribe, renew their subscriptions automatically, and that means, they can decide for themselves how much they want to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy subscription management for home and business customers. The Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service was created by Doctor Web in 2007. Today, the number of service providers and partners delivering the Dr.Web AV-Desk service to their customers in different regions of Russia and in the Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Spain, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Estonia exceeds 350. Following results shown by the service in 2007, Dr.Web AV-Desk was named the “best product offered as a service” by PC Magazine Russia. In September 2008, Dr.Web AV-Desk was awarded the Grand Gold Medal for “most original scientific and technical solution in communications technology” at the ITE Siberian Fair.

About Positive Telecom

"Positive Telecom" is one of the leading ISPs in the Saint Petersburg region, and the Lomonosov and Gatchina districts. The company offers its subscribers Internet access, and develops and lays cable and fiber-optic-based LANs on favorable terms.

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