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Beta-testing of Dr.Web for MAC OS X launched

December 29, 2008

Doctor Web — the Russian developer of IT security tools branded Dr.Web — has launched beta-testing of Dr.Web anti-virus for MAC OS X run on Macintosh machines featuring Intel processors.


Growing popularity of Mac OS X makes an Apple computer a more likely target for virus attacks thus increasing the risk of a possible data loss. The operating system long considered more secure than Microsoft Windows is gaining users all over the world. As computers bearing the apple logo come into homes and offices, cyber criminals get more interested in them. In view of the growing demand for anti-virus protection from MAC users Doctor Web is developing a special product featuring Dr.Web anti-virus engine.

Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac OS X provides a user with a range of useful features. Dr.Web scanner ensures a prompt anti-virus check of a system and connected removable data storage devices. If a threat is detected, you will receive a warning from Dr.Web and will be able to choose a desired action (cure / remove / quarantine). You may also decide to use a default action specified for a certain type of malware. Dr.Web for MAC OS X also allows specifying the maximum size of a quarantine directory and creating exceptions lists for files and folders that should not be checked.

The License Manager provides a simple license management mechanism for downloading demo and license key files, viewing license information and renewing.

Dr.Web for Mac OS X beta features a user-friendly interface and a flexible configuration system For example, it allows a user to specify sound notifications for various events related to operation of Dr.Web.

Dr.Web for MAC OS X can be updated on-demand and according to a schedule. .

Doctor Web welcomes every user willing to participate in the public beta-testing of Dr.Web anti-virus for MAC OS X. Register and download the beta-version from the special beta-testing section of the web-site.

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