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Free Dr.Web scanner Light for Mac OS X available in the Mac App Store

January 26, 2012

Doctor Web—the Russian IT security software developer—unveils Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X. The anti-virus is distributed free of charge via Mac App Store and can be installed on user machines and servers running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Unlike Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac OS X, Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X doesn't feature Dr.Web SpIDer Guard responsible for real time system protection. Yet the anti-virus is as reliable as any other Dr.Web product and can be used to scan and disinfect files on your hard disk and removable data-storage devices.

As many other applications under Mac OS X, Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X is installed in one click and can be removed as easily. The anti-virus is very user-friendly. For example, if you need to scan a certain file or folder, use the Finder context menu or simply move the object to the scanner window or drag it to the icon in the Dock or the Application area.

In addition, you may use the system menu to start any type of scanning: express, full and custom. The option to scan with administrator privileges which may be necessary to check system files is also available. A user can also create custom scanning rules, include and exclude selected files or folders from scanning and define actions that anti-virus should take upon detection of a threat: cure, delete, move to quarantine.

Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X consumes very little of system resources and can be run on all computers running Mac OS X if they support downloading and updating applications via the Mac App Store. In addition, Mac book users can set the anti-virus to suspend scanning automatically when their laptops start using the battery and thus extended battery life.

Virus definitions for Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X can be updated on schedule or on-demand and the program itself will be updated through the Mac App Store.

If you want to learn more about Dr.Web Light for Mac oS X, click here.

Dr.Web for Mac OS X providing enhanced protection is covered by Dr.Web anti-virus and Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite licenses. You can download the distribution file from the corresponding section of Doctor Web's site. Dr.Web for Mac OS X Server is available under the Dr.Web Server Security Suite licence.

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