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Doctor Web released Dr.Web for Windows 5.0

December 18, 2008

Doctor Web — the Russian developer of IT security software branded Dr.Web — releases Dr.Web for Windows 5.0.

“Change of a version number always marks another milestone in development of Dr.Web software. Growing complexity of contemporary threats relevant for virtually any user drove us to focus on cutting-edge protection features that would deflect attacks of known viruses and secure users from unknown malware. Some features of the new Dr.Web have no look-likes in any other anti-virus available nowadays”, the author of Dr.Web anti-virus and technical director of Doctor Web Igor Danilov commented upon the release.

New features and improvements

Cures what others fail to detect

Successful curing of active infections, exceptional resistance to viruses, unique technologies for scan of processes in RAM and unsurpassed capabilities for neutralization of active infections that allow installing Dr.Web on an infected machine remain key technological advantages of Dr.Web software. It also disarms complex viruses like MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector. Technologies that enable Dr.Web to counter active viruses rather than simply detect collected malware samples have been further developed and honed for the new version.


Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 is very good at protecting itself and resisting attacks of malware. Dr.Web SelfPROtect controls access and modification of files, processes, windows and keys of the Windows Registry related to the application. The self-protection module is installed as a driver that can neither be stopped nor unloaded before a system is rebooted.

Advanced detection

A number of entries in a virus database is not the only criterion that determines efficiency of a present-day anti-virus. It should also be able to recognize unknown threats and be ready to detect viruses that are yet to come. The new feature of Dr.Web 5.0 called FLY-CODE is a universal decompression technology that allows detecting viruses disguised by means of packers unknown to Dr.Web. The anti-virus uses special entries in its database and heuristic analyzer to suggest if a packed file contains malicious code.

Origins Tracing™ is a unique non-signature detection technology that has also been brought to a new level in Dr.Web 5.0. It has already proven its efficiency during epidemics that caused data losses to a large number of customers of other vendors. Origins Tracing™ enhances traditional signature-based scan and the heuristic analyzer and improves detection of unknown malware.


Dr.Web for Windows is one of the few anti-viruses that can detect and neutralize viruses that feature rootkit technologies. Users of other anti-virus products put Dr.Web CureIt!® to a good use to cure their machines of rootkits. The new version of Dr.Web features a brand-new version of Dr.Web Shield™ to counter even next generation of rootkits.

Deep insight

Capabilities of an anti-virus engine to decompress archives and depth of scan it can perform affect the quality of detection. Dr.Web can check archived files at any nesting level. Even if a malicious program has been compressed several times using various archiver programs, Dr.Web shall detect it and disarm.

Higher performance

Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 has become even faster. Optimization and introduction of new technologies gave a significant boost of speed to the scanning process. Now the scanner checks RAM, boot sectors and files on hard drives thirty percent faster.

New components

SpIDer Gate
One of the key innovations implemented in Dr.Web 5.0 is a full-fledged HTTP monitor called SpIDer Gate™. It scans incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic and works with all known web-browsers. It doesn’t affect system performance or slow down web-surfing.
Dr.Web parental control
Dr.Web parental control is another new feature implemented in version 5.0. It will protect your children against unwanted web-resources and shield them from contacts with cyber-criminals. It can also disable usage of removable data storage devices, block access to network devices and files and folders so your personal information won’t be deleted occasionally or compromised by a third party. Dr.Web parental control is very efficient and doesn’t interfere with routine activities of a user.

The new components are available only in Dr.Web Security Space.

“The new version comes to the market as two products. The first one is a classical Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows while the second one is Dr.Web Security Space that provides a user with the package of software aiming to secure a system against modern Internet threats. We hope that work of our developers will come in handy for every user concerned with security of thier information which we have been protecting since 1992”, Boris Sharov, the director-general of Doctor Web commented.

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