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Anti-thief in Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus+Anti-spam

September 29, 2011

Doctor Web—the Russian developer of IT security software unveils an update commercial and free versions of Dr.Web anti-virus for Android (Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus + Anti-spam and Dr.Web for Android Light). The commercial version has received the much anticipated anti-theif feature which will be useful in case when the protected device has been lost or stolen.

The update also added the Greek language support for both versions of Dr.Web for Android. In addition, the known errors have been fixed and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices are supported again. Earlier, the tablet was removed from supported devices list. The decision was based on the assumption that an error existed in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 software. Whenever a third-party application attempted to read or copy one of the system driver files, it crashed the system and rendered the device non-responsive to any user input. Consequently a full system scan that required access to system files had the same impact. Now when the driver has been excluded from the list of scanned objects, the issue no longer arises during interaction between the system and the anti-virus.

Besides, Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus + Anti-spam acquired new features. Now users can clear the black list by tapping only one button. However, the most important innovation delivered with the update for the commercial Dr.Web for Android is the anti-thief component that will help you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen, and if necessary, wipe the confidential information from the device remotely.

You can control the component remotely by sending short messages to the device. If possible, the anti-thief will send a report about the performed action as a reply. Attempting to remove Dr.Web from the device will make the anti-thief block it and request that a user enter a password defined by the device's owner earlier. Thus the anti-thief will verify that Dr.Web will not be removed by an intruder.

With the anti-thief you can:

  • Enable device blocking after a reboot
  • Lock the device so that it can be unlocked only by entering a password
  • Limit the number of unlock password enter errors
  • Unlock the device with a short message
  • See the device's location at Google Maps
  • Erase data on the device and SD-cards remotely
  • Start loud audio playback on the device and lock the screen
  • Customize the text to be displayed on the screen of the locked device
  • Create a list of numbers at which notifications about changing SIM-cards on the lost device will be sent. You will be able to control the anti-thief by sending messages from these numbers and unlock the device if you have forgotten the unlock password.
  • Use the Dr.Web interface to send commands to another device running Dr.Web for Android with the active anti-thief. In this case you won't need to remember SMS commands but specify the phone number and select a desired action and the anti-theif will create a short message command.

screenshot screenshot

Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus+Anti-spam Dr.Web for Android Light will be updated automatically. However, if automatic updating is disabled, go to the Android Market, select Dr.Web for Android or Dr.Web for Android Light from the list of applications and click on the Update button.

In order to update via Doctor Web’s site you need to download a new distribution file.

The updated versions are also available in other e-stores.

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