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The Crimea Is Not a Resort for Viruses: Dr.Web AV-Desk Is Deployed in Simferopol

September 19, 2011

Doctor Web, the Russian market leader of Internet anti-virus security services, announces the deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk at ISP Ardinvest, a company that provides Internet access services in Simferopol, Ukraine. This deployment of the Internet service, the latest of more than one hundred in row in the local IT market, confirms that Dr.Web anti-virus as a service is getting increasingly popular among Ukrainian users.

The service has become successful due to various factors, primarily its availability. To get licensed anti-virus protection, subscribers can activate a subscription just by going to My Account on the ISP website, and downloading and running the executable file. The service is paid for in the form of periodical payments, and the user can at any time suspend a subscription or switch to another subscription package.

By introducing the Doctor Web Internet service, providers extend the list of services they offer and thus increase customer loyalty. The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk also reduces the risk of virus outbreaks in the provider network; —it’s no secret that a great deal of time and money can be spent trying to prevent them.

ISP Ardinvest offered its customers four subscription packages. With Dr.Web Classic, users have basic protection against viruses and other malicious programs. Dr.Web Standard provides them with anti-spam, while Dr.Web Premium, among other features, includes an HTTP monitor and parental control. The Dr.Web Premium Server subscription package is designed for comprehensive protection of Windows server platforms. ISP Ardinvest customers who subscribe to any of the above packages can use them free of charge for the first month.

As a result of the service’s introduction, experts commented on how easy it was to deploy the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service and how intuitively the service interacted with the server component.. Provider subscribers, in turn, appreciated the convenient subscription billing options as well as the reliability of protection and high performance of the Dr.Web Anti-virus.

"We have tested Dr.Web AV-Desk in our company, and results exceeded all our expectations: the service showed the highest reliability and ability to tolerate faults. ISP Ardinvest customers also appreciated the service’s features. Users highlighted anti-spam and parental control as the service’s main advantages”, — says Vladimir Tsapkov, ISP Ardinvest web developer. — “Now, our customers can be absolutely sure of data the safety of their data and the stability of their PCs. The Dr.Web Anti-virus service is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to get maximum protection from malicious software."

About the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service

Doctor Web was the first anti-virus vendor to offer an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market.

The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk lets a service provider’s subscribers use the Dr.Web Anti-virus as a service: they can choose how long they want to subscribe, renew their subscriptions automatically, and that means, they can decide for themselves how much they want to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy subscription management for home users and business customers. The Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service was created by Doctor Web in 2007. Today, the number of service providers delivering the Dr.Web AV-Desk service in different regions of Russia and in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Estonia exceeds 350. Following results shown by the service in 2007, Dr.Web AV-Desk was named “best product offered as a service” by PC Magazine Russia. In September 2008, Dr.Web AV-Desk was awarded the Grand Gold Medal for “most original scientific and technical solution in communications technology” at the ITE Siberian Fair.

About ISP Ardinvest

ISP Ardinvest is mainly engaged in providing high-speed, unlimited Internet access using fiber optic data transmission technology. The company has been operating in the Ukrainian telecommunications market for 11 years. During this period, the provider has built an extensive, multi-level computer network that covers 80 percent of Simferopol and a significant part of Simferopol district. ISP Ardinvest is the only company in the Crimea that is dynamically developing a network both in provincial and district centers and in the far reaches of the region—in the northeast, southeast, and southwest.

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