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Dr.Web AV-Desk Subscription Control Centre Updated

September 1, 2011

Doctor Web announces the release of the new version of the Dr.Web AV-Desk Subscription Control Centre (SCC). This version makes it easier to log in, supports the latest versions of popular browsers, and, most important, can interact with new payment systems.

The new version of the Dr.Web Anti-virus Subscription Control Centre supports OpenID protocol so that users can log in to the SCC using the accounts of third-party services. Now it can be done using Google, Yandex, Yahoo and myOpenID account.

For user convenience, we have expanded the list of payment systems that can be used to refill an account when paying for a subscription; the list now includes Google Checkout, IntellectMoney, SpryPay, Z-Payment and W1. Note that subscribers to the service can now access more than 10 electronic payment systems.

In addition, SCC 6.0.1 supports the latest browser versions of Mozilla Firefox (up to 8.0), Google Chrome (up to 15), Chromium (4.0 and higher) and Opera (up to 11.x).

Providers can obtain the updated SCC by uninstalling the previous version and then installing version 6.0.1.

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