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New Dr.Web LinkChecker supports Google+

August 16, 2011

Doctor Web—a leading Russian anti-virus developer —unveiled the new version of Dr.Web LinkChecker, a free browser plugin that allows you to quickly check for viruses hyperlinks and files available for downloading on the Internet. The Version 2.53 support new social networking web-sites, has better speed and usability. The update is available for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

The previous version of Dr.Web LinkChecker enabled users to scan links to external resources posted on Facebook: whenever a user attempted to follow a link to another site or download a file using such a link, they received anti-virus scan results. Now this feature is available to users who choose Google+ which is gaining popularity very quickly (Opera users need to allow Dr.Web to use the HTTPS connection by checking a corresponding options in Menu→Extensions).

Dr.Web LinkChecker has become faster and smaller. Scanning corrupted links such as has been improved, an issue with checking links on a popular file sharing site has been resolved and the plugin configuration has become easier.

To take advantage of the updated Dr.Web LinkCheckers, just download and run the new version for your browser. If you already use Dr.Web LinkChecker, it will be updated automatically.

Please, remember that the plug-ins Dr.Web LinkChecker is also included in the distribution of Dr.Web personal products for Windows.

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