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File monitor and Scanning Engine service updated in Dr.Web 6.0 for Windows

July 5, 2011

Doctor Web updated the SpIDer Guard (G3) file monitor and Scanning Engine service included in personal and server Dr.Web products for Windows from the 6.0 series.

Improvements have been made to the file monitor to reduce the system load during the background scan. Also, the routines to synchronize access to the files to be scanned have been corrected. The overall file monitor performance has been increased and known issues have been resolved.

A number of issues In the scanning service have also been fixed. For instance, the issue when index files and applications launched automatically upon a system startup were excluded from scanning has been resolved. In addition, routines for collecting information about these programs and their scanning under 64-bit versions of Windows have been upgraded. Besides, memory usage while scanning and scanning priority management have been optimized.

Products form Dr.Web Home Security Suite, Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite (with no centralized management) and Dr.Web Server Security Suite will be automatically updated, but will require a system reboot.

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