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Long-awaited Dr.Web Security Space Pro 7.0 for beta-testers

June 14, 2011

Doctor Web — a Russian IT-security solutions vendor—launched beta-testing of Dr.Web Security Space Pro 7.0. The new version incorporates significant changes in the software architecture. Modules no longer operate autonomously but under the control of the Control Service. The product also features a number of new components and upgrades for some of the old ones.

The introduction of the client-server architecture has become the most significant recent innovation in the Dr.Web product for comprehensive protection of personal computers. With Dr.Web Control Service each program module can now focus on their specific tasks. The service will manage settings, statistics, updates and other parameters.

Dr.Web Security Space Pro can be controlled remotely from a computer within the local network. If you have access to a computer, you can check the modules' status, version of the virus databases on all machines in the network running the seventh version, but also make necessary adjustments to the settings. This is convenient for both administrators in small corporate networks and home users with multiple PCs.

In addition, the developers completely redesigned the GUI scanner. Scanning speed increased through the use of the Scanning Engine service, which enabled multi-thread virus-check. Routines related to the anti-rootkit module Dr.Web Shield have been moved into a separate subsystem.

The updating module has undergone significant changes to improve installation and updating stability while the repository and scripts minimize negative impact from possible errors. The developers also managed to completely discard the use of the system task scheduler—now the Control Service managing the launch of the update module is responsible for scheduling.

Traffic interception routines have been upgraded too. In particular, now the anti-virus can check e-mail and network traffic transferred over an encrypted SSL connection. The firewall driver has also undergone changes.

Since the new version comes with lots of changes, and many of them are revolutionary, Doctor Web encourages testers to take testing Dr.Web Security Space 7.0 seriously and pay as much attention to it as they can.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing. Traditionally testers whose advice and comments will be most valuable to developers will receive gifts from Doctor Web.

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