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Doctor Web releases Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 beta

November 18, 2008

Doctor Web — the Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web – unveils the beta-version of Dr.Web for Windows 5.0. Now the anti-virus engine works up to 30% faster compared with Dr.Web 4.44, recognizes even greater number of packers and archivers, has malware detection even more improved. The new version is also enhanced with a parential control module and HTTP traffic scanner - SpIDer Gate. All features of the software are configured now using the SpIDer Agent control centre.

The new anti-virus engine created using cutting-edge Dr.Web technologies for detection of malware gives the anti-virus up to thirty percent gain of speed while retaining traditionally low system requirements and utmost efficiency. Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 beta is equally good at resisting virus attacks and in most cases can be installed in an infected system and cure it. The new Dr.web protects itself against malware aiming to disable an anti-virus. The self-protection driver restricts access to a network, files and folders and to certain registry branches ensuring that no component of Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 is disabled by a malicious program.

Following its predecessors Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 beta can scan archives of any nesting level and recognizes even greater number of packers.

Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 features several types of filtering for Internet traffic. SpIDer Gate scans incoming and outgoing HTTP-traffic real-time intercepting all connections and performing data-filtering so a user receives scanned web-content cleaned of malicious code.

Besides, users are offered the Parental control module to restrict access to specified web-sites adding them to a list or using an updated database of unwanted web-resources. It may also restrict usage of a CD-DVD-ROM, a flash drives and other devices.

SpIDer Agent with its launch icon integrated with the interface of Windows allows configuring all anti-virus components using a single control panel.

Everybody is welcome to join the public beta-testing of the new Dr.Web anti-virus. Register to access the beta-testing section of our web-site. The beta-version is discussed on Dr.Web forum.

Upon completion of the beta-testing the most active participants will receive a one year license for Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 free of charge and other gifts related to Dr.Web.

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