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Dr.Web 6.0 for Windows Mobile released

May 5, 2011

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web releases the sixth version of Dr.Web for Windows Mobile included into the Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite. The main innovations implemented in the product are its centralized administration and the anti-spam feature.

The new version of Dr.Web for Windows Mobile supports administration over the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center, so the application statistics and information about detected viruses is accessible from the administrator's computer. The Control Center also enables the administrator to distribute key files and updates, and change the application's configuration.

The anti-virus also provides anti-spam protection of mobile devices—it filters incoming messages and calls according to black and white lists. Filtering of outgoing SMS is also supported. Moreover, users can create profiles to block SMS, MMS and calls from certain contact groups or from particular callers and senders.

Dr.Web 6.0 for Windows Mobile is capable of detecting Exploit.Cpllnk shortcuts, used to run malicious programs. The shortcuts are employed to infect Windows systems and can spread with SD-cards for handhelds.

The program's graphical interface has been updated and a number of errors has been fixed.

To upgrade users need to download the new distribution of Dr.Web for Windows Mobile.

Dr.Web for Windows Mobile is included into the Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite. Licenses for Dr.Web anti-viruses protecting Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian OS devices are not available for sale. Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is available free of charge to users who purchase Dr.Web software for personal computers.

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