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Dr.Web AV-Desk in Ukraine: over 100 deployments!

April 5, 2011

The Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service has firmly established itself on the Ukrainian IT market. Recently three providers from the Donetsk region — all of them at the same time — made the Dr.Web Anti-virus service available to their users. As a result, already more than 100 Ukrainian companies have announced the deployment of the Internet service developed by Doctor Web.

Four subscription packages are available for Online, @migoNet, and EAST.NET customers. Dr.Web Classic will provide subscribers with basic protection against viruses, while Dr.Web Standard also features an anti-spam function, and Dr.Web Premium, among other things, is enhanced with an HTTP monitor and a Parental Control module. In its turn, Dr.Web Premium Server is designed for comprehensive protection of Windows server platforms.

Thus, users can choose an optimal level of protection according to their own needs. The convenient payment plan for the —subscription-based— service gives customers full control over how much they spend on anti-virus protection. Virus databases are updated automatically — without placing an unnecessary load on system resources and consequently are invisible to the user.

"We strive to continuously expand our services and simultaneously improve their quality. That's why we decided to provide users with powerful anti-virus protection as a service: in terms of business, it was a logical and justified step. In the process of deploying the service, we have not experienced any problems”, said Sergei Berezhansky, Online director. — “Our users have commented on the reliability of the Dr.Web anti-virus as well as its convenience and ease of use. We are confident that the service will become popular among Online customers".

"We found it necessary to provide customers with licensed anti-virus protection from a known developer. We decided on Dr.Web AV-Desk because of the good reviews given by other providers as to the quality and usability of the Doctor Web Internet service”, commented Dmitry Gerus, EAST.NET director. — “The Dr.Web Anti-virus Service has good prospects among users and will certainly increase their loyalty to our company".

"We were surprised at how quickly and easily the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service was deployed. Therefore, we could quickly provide our customers with quality anti-virus protection on the most favourable conditions”, said Maxim Bryzhaty, head of @migoNet’s IT department. — “We anticipate significant growth in Dr.Web Anti-virus service popularity among users: even in the testing stage, it has stimulated great interest among our customers. In the future, we plan to use a variety of promotional packages to effectively promote the service”.

About the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service

Doctor Web was the first anti-virus vendor to offer an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market.

The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk lets a service provider’s subscribers use the Dr.Web Anti-virus as a service: they can choose how long they want to subscribe, renew their subscriptions automatically, and that means, they can decide for themselves how much they want to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy subscription management for home users and business customers. The Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service was created by Doctor Web in 2007. Today, the number of service providers delivering the Dr.Web AV-Desk service in different regions of Russia and in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Estonia exceeds 250. Following results shown by the service in 2007, Dr.Web AV-Desk was named “best product offered as a service” by PC Magazine Russia. In September 2008, Dr.Web AV-Desk was awarded the Grand Gold Medal for “most original scientific and technical solution in communications technology” at the ITE Siberian Fair.

About Online

The company Online has been operating on the Donetsk IT services market for seven years and is a top-level certified Internet service provider. The company provides a full range of services such as high-speed Internet access based on modern fiber-optic technologies, the design and organization of network projects of any complexity, the provision of data transit between offices, IP telephony services, website development, hosting, online advertising, and producing flash presentations.


EAST.NET is a telecommunications company that has been providing high-speed connection services in Donetsk since 2003. Today, EAST.NET means high-quality access to Internet resources and a home local network using FTTB technology. The company's own fiber-optic network is located in the Proletarsky and Budyonnovsky districts of Donetsk.

About @migoNet

@migoNet is a telecommunications company that has been offering high-speed Internet access in Krasnoarmeysk (Donetsk region) since 2004. @migoNet is one of the leading companies in the local IT market. The company's own fiber-optic network covers over 70 percent of the city’s multi-storey residential buildings and 50 percent of the private sector.

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