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Dr.Web CureIt! updated

March 22, 2011

Doctor Web updated Dr.Web CureIt! utility. The upgrade increases its efficiency and stability including operation in the enhanced protection mode used to neutralize Windows blockers. Known issues have been resolved.

Doctor Web updated Dr.Web CureIt! utility: /cureit_block_net enables users to disconnect the system from the network and /cureit_disable_uac the enhanced mode. An error that occurred upon launching Dr.Web CureIt! under an account other than the one running the Windows session has been corrected.

Other corrections include the fix for an error that in some cases didn’t allow running the utility in the enhanced mode. The utility's compatibility with third party software required to run Dr.Web CureIt! in the enhanced mode has been improved and the program window display issue has been resolved.

In addition, changes have also been made to make sure that no entries related to operation of Dr.Web CureIt! are left in the Windows Registry after the utility has been closed.

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