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Real-time protection with Dr.Web for Symbian OS

February 28, 2011

Doctor Web is pleased to announce completion of the beta testing and a subsequent release of Dr.Web for Symbian OS featuring the file monitor: all file operations are monitored by SpIDer Guard.

A number of improvements have been done to the file monitor during the beta-testing. New features for real-time protection have been added. In particular, Dr.Web for Symbain OS can now detect Exploit.Cpllnk shortcuts used to launch malicious programs. The shortcuts are employed to infect Windows systems and can spread with handhelds’ SD-cards.

New monitor customization options have been added: users can select types of archives that need to be scanned. SpIDer Guard log and statistics are also always available.

Now the program displays a progress bar while a large file is being moved to the quarantine.

Errors found in the anti-spam module of Dr.Web for Symbian OS have been fixed.

The license renewal feature has been implemented.

Dr.Web for Symbian OS is included into the Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite. Licenses for Dr.Web anti-viruses protecting Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian OS devices are not available for sale. Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is available free of charge to users who purchase Dr.Web software for personal computers.

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