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Dr.Web 6.0 products for UNIX servers updated

February 24, 2011

Doctor Web released an update for its Dr.Web 6.0 products for UNIX servers. The update incorporates new features improving reliability and usability of the anti-viruses and fixes for known errors.

Native packages for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris are now available for Dr.Web for file servers (Samba and Novell Storage Services) and for UNIX mail servers and Internet gateways. The update also provides support of the official repositories for Debian (and all its derivatives), ALT Linux, PC Linux, Mandriva, RHEL, Fedora, CentOS and SUSE. Meta-ports are now supported for FreeBSD. These innovations make installation and maintenance of Dr.Web software much easier.

Fixes for known errors related to products’ features and interface are delivered with the update. IMAP and POP3 module issues of Dr.Web for UNIX have been resolved.

To apply the update users need to download updated distributions of corresponding products and install them.

Dr.Web software products for UNIX mail servers, Internet-gateways and file servers are available with Dr.Web Mail Security Suite, Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite and Dr.Web Server Security Suite respectively.

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