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Doctor Web takes corporate anti-virus security to a whole new level

May 30, 2023

As part of Doctor Web’s continuous effort to deliver higher quality products to its customers, the latest release of its end-point security solution for corporate infrastructures offers improved remote administration features and even more reliable protection for all network nodes and devices.

These anti-virus software suites have been adopted successfully to maintain the anti-virus security of companies; financial, healthcare and cultural institutions; educational organisations; science facilities; and government agencies. However, Doctor Web does not rest on its laurels—it keeps a close eye on the evolution of cyber threats and continues to perfect its threat prevention and neutralisation technologies.

Corporate Dr.Web solutions provide reliable anti-virus protection that meets the highest security standards, and the latest anti-virus server feature upgrades and improvements prove just that. These upgrades include the following:

  • All individual anti-virus software installers for Windows that administrators can generate via the Control Center are now digitally signed by the developer.
  • Support for RFC 5424, allowing information to be sent to a SIEM in the Syslog and CEF formats to ensure a rapid response to potential security incidents.
  • The ability to password-protect Dr.Web Agent settings on computers remotely via the Control Center to prevent users from disabling anti-virus features and ensure that the infrastructure is well protected at all times.
  • Administrators can generate technical support reports for specific Dr.Web Agent components remotely via the Control Center and promptly relay the anti-virus logs from protected computers to support engineers.

You can find out more about the new version's innovations here.

Before proceeding with the update, please refer to the Component update section of the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite installation guide for more details.

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