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Updates available for Dr.Web applications for Windows

February 7, 2023

The components of a number of corporate and home Dr.Web products for Windows have been updated. Not visible to the naked eye, the changes introduced make the anti-virus software even more stable and reliable.

Thanks to the adjustments made to the firewall, the applications’ processes under Windows 10 and later versions now start faster.

An issue causing false notifications about a current license being blocked has also been addressed.

The changes affect Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows as part of Dr.Web Security Space (PC), Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows servers in Dr.Web Server Security Suite, Dr.Web 12.0 and 13.0 for Windows PCs (supporting centralised protection) in Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite, and in the subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus 13.0 for Windows.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

Dr.Web products support a wide range of Windows versions, including those whose support has been discontinued by Microsoft (as far back as Windows XP and later releases).

If you’ve never heard about Dr.Web before, you can always try out its features and get first-hand experience with the high level of security it provides, before purchasing a license:

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