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Get 25% off the Dr.Web KATANA protection system

January 24, 2023

Only till February 5, Doctor Web is offering 25% off a 2-year license to protect 2 objects with its non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web KATANA

Newly released encryption ransomware programs, injectors, and trojan blockers that haven't yet been analysed by an anti-virus laboratory, as well as threats that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, are the most dangerous malicious programs. At the time of infection, they are not recognised by the virus database, so they cannot be detected by means of traditional signature and heuristic mechanisms. Preventive measures and the latest technologies are required to effectively resist such threats.

Dr.Web KATANA consists of a set of next-generation Dr.Web anti-virus technologies that is designed to provide advanced protection. The protection system is based on proactive technologies that do not involve the use of virus databases. It is a "second anti-virus security layer". By installing Dr.Web KATANA in a system that is protected with a signature-based anti-virus, you can protect yourself from the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and attempts to exploit zero-day and other vulnerabilities.

It is recommended that you use Dr.Web KATANA in conjunction with the anti-virus that has already been installed on your computer in order to:

  • prevent malware from injecting its code into the processes of other applications,
  • detect and stop the execution of malicious, suspicious, or unreliable scripts and processes,
  • protect your PC even when it lacks Internet access.

The decision as to whether a particular malware program should be neutralised is made on the basis of an intelligent analysis of the behaviour of running applications. At the same time, Dr.Web KATANA does not affect the performance of the objects it protects and requires no preliminary configuration.

Buy Dr.Web KATANA at 25% off

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