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Anti-virus security enhanced in Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows—includes better protection against encryption ransomware

December 8, 2022

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 and Dr.Web Anti-virus 12.0 for Windows Servers. The upgrades delivered include a notable performance boost under the latest versions of Windows, enhanced threat detection and neutralisation, and a lower memory footprint. While staying true to their commitment to constantly provide improvements for all Dr.Web security components, Doctor Web’s developers are also able to keep their anti-viruses inconspicuous and lightweight—something Dr.Web has always been known for.

Adjustments have also been introduced to the Preventive Protection component to achieve a higher detection rate with regard to encryption ransomware, which still remains today’s most severe threat and causes losses to individuals and companies. When it comes to larger organisations, the damages incurred may reach huge amounts.

The number of support requests that Doctor Web receives from encryption ransomware victims on a monthly basis has been staying around 500 for quite some time. It is also worth mentioning that some ransomware victims never ask for help even though there is a chance, albeit a small one, that their compromised files can be recovered. While using the anti-virus with the Data Loss Prevention feature enabled, you are still recommended to back up your important information regularly, keep your software up to date, and use strong passwords.

Improving the ransomware detection rate is one of our developers’ and malware researchers’ high priority tasks.

In addition, this update resolves a compatibility issue between Dr.Web and Sangfor SSL VPN that might result in a system crash.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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