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Dr.Web Security Space for macOS updated to version 12.6.4 and available for download

October 31, 2022

As Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web strives to stay true to its commitment to ever perfect its anti-virus security solutions, its latest release of Dr.Web Security Space 12.6.4 for macOS offers users optimised quarantine features and enhanced protection from unauthorised activities involving the anti-virus.

The feature and usability improvements include:

  • The ability to apply actions to multiple rules and items in the quarantine.
  • Threat list filters for viewing only information about recent threats and malicious objects that are yet to be neutralised.
  • The inability to move the Dr.Web installation folder to the Recycle Bin.
  • Enhanced protection against unauthorised actions.
  • Similarly to Dr.Web products for Windows, the inclusion of an archive scanning option.
  • Various UI tweaks and usability improvements for the settings section.
  • Known defects have been corrected.

Also note that Dr.Web Security Space for macOS is compatible with macOS 13 Ventura and protected Macs powered by Apple’s latest release.

To upgrade Dr.Web Security Space for macOS to version 12.6.4, download the new distribution file and install the application on your Mac.

It is also worth mentioning that Dr.Web Security Space for macOS was the first anti-virus made available for the platform. Even though macOS is better protected from threats than Windows, for example, Doctor Web strongly advises users against leaving their Macs completely unprotected. Malicious programs may sneak into the system by leveraging vulnerability exploits or get smuggled in with applications downloaded from untrusted software catalogues. The BackDoor.Flashback.39 outbreak that occurred several years ago proved once again that an anti-virus is a must-have even for Macs.

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