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Components updated in Dr.Web 11.1 products for Unix-like systems

October 20, 2022

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated several software components in its Dr.Web 11.1 products for Unix-like systems. The latest release introduces new features, tweaks and upgrades and delivers fixes for identified issues.

Its key innovations include ppc64le support and a performance boost for the Elbrus platform.

In addition, the solution for mail servers can now be integrated with Dr.Web vxCube. This service can also now check email attachments. Dr.Web vxCube analyses potentially dangerous files and generates detailed reports on their behaviour under specific conditions. The sandbox also takes advantage of hardware-assisted neutralisation to perform its tasks quickly and remain undiscovered by the samples being examined. The service relies on state-of-the-art malware detection techniques to expose the latest threats whose definitions may not yet be present in virus databases. Threats of this kind can evade detection by other conventional means.

The latest version also includes the Dr.Web Mail Quarantine queue manager, allowing emails and their related metadata to be stored on a hard drive while the messages are being examined by Dr.Web. A mail scanning queue can thus be maintained at all times even if an error occurs in Dr.Web MailD's operation or if the connection to a mail server gets interrupted.

Other notable implementations and upgrades include:

  • The new updating mirrors list format zone.ini (superceding the previously used update.drl list format).
  • Major improvements in the drweb-session and drweb-cgp-plugin modules.
  • An issue causing nodes to disconnect from the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite server has been resolved.
  • Emails with multiple recipients are now processed much faster.
  • Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite's Control Center can now display the list of current user accounts on a protected host.
  • A task scheduler problem occurring when applications were set to be launched on protected hosts via the Control Center's web interface has been fixed.
  • A defect causing components relying on Lua scripts to freeze has been addressed.
  • Dr.Web FileCheck can now navigate symbolic links and restore files from the quarantine without errors; it boasts improved integration with the cloud.
  • A defect causing Dr.Web Firewall to terminate abnormally has been eliminated.
  • Dr.Web MailD's URL parsing routines have been improved. An issue causing the module to terminate abnormally has been addressed.
  • The script for gathering information for troubleshooting can now be used to send corresponding reports to Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite's Control Center.
  • Dr.Web for Unix Server now supports Samba 4.16.

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