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Components for Dr.Web 6.0 for Windows updated

February 3, 2011

Doctor Web updated several software components included in Dr.Web single-user and server products series 6 for Windows.Doctor Web updated several software components included in Dr.Web single-user and server products series 6 for Windows.

Now a user has to enter a CAPTCHA code in a confirmation dialogue whenever they need to disable the file monitor or firewall. This feature reduces the probability for unauthorized disabling of these components by intruders. At the same time the preventive blocking option has been moved from the file monitor settings section to the product's settings.

Improved updating routines for modules that do not require a system restart have been implemented.

The system registry curing procedure has been improved; an error that prevented the system from loading in the Safe mode has been corrected. Improvements done to the Scanning Engine service improve security of the anti-virus software and make it more user-friendly. Errors found in operation of the Scanning Engine have been corrected. The list of supported languages has been expanded.

Now the HTTP monitor stores information about both FTP and HTTP connections in its log. The password used to access settings of SpIDer Gate and Parental control can now be set in the URL-filter settings.

The self-protection module can block low-level data-writing onto hard drives even between system restarts. An error when Windows couldn't be loaded in the Safe mode while Dr.Web was running has been fixed and the issue when Dr.Web components malfunctioned if active viruses were present in the system has been resolved.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses but applying the update will require a system reboot.

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