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Dr.Web Security Space for macOS updated to version 12.6

January 11, 2022

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Security Space for macOS to version 12.6. The latest version incorporates numerous major improvements affecting the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate and the file monitor SpIDer Guard. Known issues have been resolved.

Improvements and upgrades:

  • SpIDer Guard's performance has been boosted, and adjustments have been made to avoid possible issues involving the file monitor’s exceptions.
  • Users can now add URLs containing Cyrillic characters to SpIDer Gate's block and allow lists.
  • New UI texts have been added.

Issues resolved:

  • A defect that might cause network connections to remain open after data exchange has ended;
  • A problem affecting SpIDer Gate’s exceptions in Safari under macOS 11 and later versions;
  • The ability to add the root directory to SpIDer Guard’s exceptions list (this is now impossible);
  • A defect causing SpIDer Guard notification sounds to be played after the component was disabled;
  • Minor UI defects.

To upgrade to Dr.Web Security Space 12.6 for macOS, users need to download the new distribution file and install the application on their Macs.

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