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All problems solved: Dr.Web now protects a large state infrastructure in Peru

September 30, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web reports that Dr.Web anti-virus software has been deployed in a large governmental organisation in Peru: its security solutions for PCs and file servers now protect the infrastructure of the Peruvian Police Healthcare Directorate (DIRSAPOL). The sublicenses are provided by Doctor Web’s Peruvian partner—Xpertia.

Overall, the Russian anti-virus applications maintain protection over 1,805 nodes in the Directorate's 93 offices. Dr.Web has proven to be the perfect choice. In a very short while, it has managed to resolve all the information security issues confronted by DIRSAPOL’s personnel.

“All the problems we had to deal with before we started using Dr.Web have been solved. , we unreservedly recommend this solution. We value Dr.Web products for their stability. They operate flawlessly and never disrupt the operation of our computers or other programs”, commented Elizabeth Villena Delgado, an executive with the Peruvian Police Healthcare Directorate.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Doctor Web recently released version 13 of its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. The new version embodies all the best features of the previous generations, organically combining them with cutting-edge innovations that further simplify the suite’s deployment and administration. For example, it incorporates advanced features for the remote installation and updating of the Dr.Web Agent, including for Unix-like systems, and now supports the light agent for protecting virtual machines.

Dr.Web deployment success stories worldwide and our unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality anti-virus products demonstrate that any problems associated with malware can indeed be solved!

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