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Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0 released

January 18, 2011

Doctor Web unveiled the sixth version of its free emergency system restore product — Dr.Web LiveCD.

The new version enjoys a wide range of modifications and new features improving its usability and efficiency.

The program got a new GU and desktop background image, the quarantine to isolate suspicious and infected files in and the Control Center. It now also supports settings snapshots that allow a user to save session configuration and other data and use it in another session.

Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0 also features the ZIP utility to create password-protected archives and can update virus databases over a proxy-server.

Resolved issues include incompatibility with USB mice and keyboards, Mozilla Firefox crashing when the free memory was low and an error when incurable files weren't deleted automatically. The routine to send suspicious files for analysis to Doctor Web has also been improved.

A bootable DVD containing Dr.Web LiveCD is shipped with boxed Dr.Web Securiy Space Pro and Dr.Web Anti-virus Pro. If the system is infected, you can cure it before you install an anti-virus.

Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0 can also be downloaded from Doctor Web's site free of charge.

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