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Doctor Web unveils Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13

September 23, 2021

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite takes corporate anti-virus protection to an entirely new level. Version 13 of the anti-virus software suite, which can be used to centrally manage the end-point security of all the nodes and devices in a corporate network, embodies all the best features of the previous generations, organically combining them with cutting-edge innovations that further simplify the suite’s deployment and administration.

Thanks to its exceptional scalability, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13 is the perfect choice both for small and medium companies and for larger organisations and corporations. The wide variety of multi-platform software components, which are designed to protect PCs, servers, gateways and virtual machines, allows you to establish a reliable all-round end-point security system that will accommodate all the aspects and features of your organisation's information infrastructure and workflow.

With Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13, the process of discovering and responding to anti-virus security incidents is automated—threats get neutralised without any system administrator’s intervention. The security suite won’t just prevent individual PCs and servers from getting infected. A comprehensive analysis of all activity and traffic keeps threat actors from penetrating deeper into your corporate infrastructure. Information about all the incidents discovered is logged and can subsequently be used to thoroughly investigate each incident and eliminate its cause.

Dr.Web Security Control Center will help you manage your anti-virus network and security software effectively on all types of protected devices, allocate system resources for the tasks at hand and introduce changes to your security policies whenever necessary.

Thanks to the option to export data to SIEM systems, Dr.Web ESS can become the core of your organisation's information security or easily be integrated with a pre-existing solution.

Customers around the world have long valued the reliability and efficiency of Dr.Web products for business. For over two decades, these software suites have been adopted successfully to maintain the anti-virus security of companies; financial, healthcare and cultural institutions; educational organisations; science facilities; and governmental agencies, including the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defence and Supreme Court. But we’re not resting on our laurels—we are constantly tracking the evolution of cyber threats and continue to perfect the security technologies we’ve developed to detect and neutralise them. Dr.Web applications are getting even more user-friendly and easier to administer. This level of commitment allows us to create products that meet the highest security standards, and Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13 proves that once again.

Key innovations in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13:

  • Advanced remote installation and updating options for Dr.Web Agent under Windows and Unix-like systems. The agents can be deployed via the Control Center as well as by using special utilities. The agent software for Android can now update automatically.
  • Flexible options for allocating system resources on protected PCs, the ability to lower the priority of auxiliary tasks for gathering statistics and to limit the network bandwidth used to exchange data. This option will allow you to run the agent software with equal effectiveness on low-spec devices and on hosts engaged in high-performance computing within your infrastructure.
  • The light agent mode is designed to protect virtual environments. It optimises anti-virus routines for virtual machines running on one physical server by delegating certain anti-virus tasks to a special VM service. With information from multiple VMs processed by a single scanning service, the host’s overall workload is reduced, allowing the physical server’s system resources to be used more efficiently.
  • You can create custom security policies and use flexible options for managing access to third-party devices for individual user groups where the PCs are protected with the Office Control component.
  • A new anti-virus network tree view allows system administrators to control anti-virus security on protected devices with great efficiency even in the most complex infrastructures..

You can find out more about the new version 13’s features here

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