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New Dr.Web Security Space 12.5 for macOS — now supporting macOS Big Sur and ARM64

September 20, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has rolled out the new version of its anti-virus application for the Apple operating system—Dr.Web Security Space 12.5 for macOS. Now that the application's modules have been redesigned and thoroughly tested, the product is ready to protect Mac computers running the latest Apple OS version—macOS Big Sur. Furthermore, Dr.Web can now also work on machines powered by Apple M1.

MacOS Big Sur supported

Because third-party driver functionality is limited under this operating system version, Dr.Web for macOS had to be redesigned. Doctor Web’s programmers created the traffic-filtering and file-monitor modules literally from scratch, and now they both help keep macOS Big Sur protected. These components are installed on a computer as system extensions and can access all the operating system venues needed to maintain reliable anti-virus security.

Support for ARM64

Doctor Web does its best to keep up with the ever-growing popularity ARM64 enjoys among CPU makers and users. Back in 2020, support for ARM64 was implemented in Dr.Web 11.1 applications for Unix-like systems. Now Dr.Web Security Space for macOS also supports this platform. Thanks to this, Dr.Web can also operate smoothly on computers featuring Apple’s powerful M1 CPUs.

In addition, the product is also using the most up-to-date version of Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine ( for ARM64.

Centralised protection mode

To connect to a Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite or Dr.Web AV-Desk server, the new version relies on certificates, rather than public encryption keys.

Because Dr.Web Security Space 12.5 for macOS and Dr.Web 11.1 applications for Unix-like systems use the same set of components, the application can only be run in centralised protection mode as part of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 and later releases or with the Dr.Web Anti-virus service subscription software linked up with the Dr.Web AV-Desk server 13.0. Ask your Dr.Web Anti-virus service provider to clarify the current Dr.Web Server version.

Dr.Web Security Space for macOS User Manual has been updated to include information about the new features found in version 12.5.

To upgrade to the new version, users will need to download a new distribution file and install the application.

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