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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0 updated

April 14, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the server software, as well as a number of agent components, in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0. The updated components include Dr.Web Updater (, Lua-script for updater (, Dr.Web Enterprise Agent for Windows setup (, Dr.Web Enterprise Agent ( and Dr.Web Enterprise Agent (AD Setup) (12.04.02250). Furthermore, the new modules Lua-script for meta ( and ES Update Helper ( have been introduced. The update delivers fixes for identified issues and ensures that Dr.Web software cannot be installed on Windows machines that do not support SHA-256.

If no SHA-256 support is available on a PC with an existing agent software installation, the updated Control Center now displays a message prompting the user to install the required operating system updates. Updates from the comps group are now blocked. Only the virus databases will continue to receive updates. Dr.Web can no longer be installed on Windows PCs that lack SHA-256 support. A message is displayed to inform the user that the corresponding Windows updates must be installed.

Important: to ensure that the Dr.Web software operates correctly under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft security updates providing SHA-256 support must be installed in these systems. For additional information, please refer to this guide:

Changes made to the server software:

  • New sources and message types are now available in the Control Center's host status information table (Anti-virus Network → Status);
  • Timestamps in user routine logs are now set based on the Dr.Web server time rather than the local system time;
  • An issue preventing statistics from being sent over inter-server connections across the anti-virus network has been resolved;
  • Also corrected was a defect affecting administrator permissions for multiple Control Center accounts;
  • A database import error occurring in the Control Center (Administration → Database Management) has been fixed;
  • An issue preventing general information about selected protected hosts from being exported via the Control Center has been resolved;
  • An issue preventing backup directories from being displayed correctly in the Control Center (Administration → Backups) has been resolved;
  • Also corrected was a defect that under certain circumstances could make it impossible to upgrade Dr.Web Server 10.01 to a current version by running a software installer;
  • A defect affecting the use of multiple valid key files across the anti-virus network after one of the license keys expired has been corrected;
  • Also resolved was an issue causing an incorrect number of active hosts running Windows 10 to be displayed in the anti-virus network view;
  • Furthermore, a defect preventing the Dr.Web Proxy-server from switching between multiple Dr.Web servers on its list has been corrected;
  • An issue causing a private Dr.Web Server key to remain protected even after the Dr.Web Server service was removed from the system has been resolved;
  • The update also addresses an issue causing the Dr.Web Server to stop responding to queries if items were being moved in the Control Center's Administrators section (Administration → Administrators);
  • A defect preventing administrators from performing certain tasks in the Control Center, even if they had sufficient permissions, has been resolved;
  • Additional minor tweaks and upgrades have also been introduced.

Changes made to the agent software

Lua-script for meta, ES Update Helper, Dr.Web Updater, Lua-script for updater and Dr.Web Enterprise Agent for Windows setup:

  • Limited functionality is now available on Windows PCs lacking SHA-256 support.

Dr.Web Updater:

  • Module stability has been improved.

Dr.Web Enterprise Agent:

  • The virus databases have been updated;
  • The latest versions of the Office Control databases are now used;
  • The anti-spam filtering database has been made current;
  • ES Update Helper (, Dr.Web Updater (, Lua-script for updater (, Lua-script for meta ( and Dr.Web Enterprise Agent for Windows setup ( have been updated.

Dr.Web Enterprise Agent (AD Setup):

  • Dr.Web Enterprise Agent for Windows setup ( has been brought up to date.

Furthermore, the latest documentation is now being used.

The updated distributions can be downloaded from Doctor Web's site and from the GUS servers.

The Dr.Web agent software will be updated automatically.

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