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Components updated in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0 and Dr.Web AV-Desk 13.0

March 25, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Net Filtering Service (, Dr.Web Firewall for Windows ( and the Dr.Web ES Service module ( in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0 and Dr.Web AV-Desk 13.0. Furthermore, the configuration script Lua-script for es-service ( has been made current in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0, and Lua-script for es-service ( has been updated in Dr.Web AV-Desk 13.0. The update resolves known software issues and delivers upgrades.

Changes made to the Dr.Web Net filtering Service and Dr.Web Firewall for Windows:

  • Application security has been improved.

Changes made to Dr.Web ES Service:

  • The unused option to apply actions to threats automatically has been removed from the scanner settings;
  • An Office Control issue involving website blocking settings for multiple user groups has been resolved;
  • Also resolved was a Task Scheduler defect occurring if the task frequency was changed to "Every N minutes";
  • The installation wizard no longer synchronises the system restart time with the server after the agent has been removed from a host;
  • The new command line option "--change-loglevel" can now be used to change the logging level without disabling the self-protection module. Available logging levels: err, wrn, inf, dbg;
  • Now non-Latin characters can be used in option values for the es-service;
  • An issue causing custom Preventive Protection parameters to persist after the custom settings were deleted has been resolved;
  • Also resolved was a defect preventing the AVDAgentSetup and DrWebAvdAgent modules from being installed if Dr.Web Security Space 11.5 was upgraded to Dr.Web AV-Desk 13.0;
  • A post-update issue causing an infinite update loop on protected hosts has also been eliminated;
  • Connection parameters are now updated after a new certificate is added, using the "--addcert" command;
  • ES-service logs now contain more information;
  • Automatic quarantine and log clean-up parameters can now be converted into a different format;
  • An issue causing the previous server address and access password to be deleted if the server address was changed has been resolved;
  • Additional minor tweaks and upgrades have been introduced.

Changes made to Lua-script for es-service:

  • An issue preventing information about the “description” and “failure_actions” parameters from being added to the Windows Registry after Dr.Web Firewall and Dr.Web Net Filtering Service were installed in the system has been resolved.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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