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Long-awaited support for macOS Big Sur in Dr.Web 12.5 beta version for macOS

March 16, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web invites all users to participate in the public beta-testing of Dr.Web 12.5 for macOS. The application's modules have been redesigned to ensure Dr.Web's compatibility with macOS Big Sur.

Recall that Apple has made dozens of its services and applications inaccessible to security software. To make Dr.Web fully operational under the new OS version, Doctor Web had to develop traffic-filtering and scanning modules for its anti-virus literally from scratch.

Dr.Web 12.5 software components are installed as system extensions for macOS. As a result, to uninstall the application, each of its modules must be removed individually.

The following issue has been identified and will be resolved shortly: Dr.Web firewall does not work under macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 3.

Also note that only the x64 architecture is supported for macOS Big Sur. The new Dr.Web version for macOS does not yet support ARM64.

To participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web 12.5 for macOS, please go to this page.

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