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Doctor Web opens office in Japan

December 20, 2010

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web is pleased to announce that a Doctor Web office has been opened in Japan. Doctor Web Pacific headquartered in Kawasaki with 100% of its capital asset owned by Doctor Web launches a full-scale campaign to promote Dr.Web products and services on the Japanese market under the leadership of its general manager Shu Sugawara.

It should be pointed out that Dr.Web products are known very well on the Japanese market — a result of the long-standing cooperation with a Japanese distributor that has been marketing and selling Dr.Web products for Linux-like operating systems since 2004. Now with Doctor Web's branch office in Japan, NetForest — the general distributor of Dr.Web in Japan — will continue selling the anti-virus software and rendering support services to customers but from now on as a primary dealer of Doctor Web Pacific.

Doctor Web Pacific will mainly focus on large corporate customers. The new licensing policy introduced by Doctor Web on 22 November 2010 simplifies choosing and purchasing anti-virus software both for its partners and customers. With the easy to use license constructor selecting a basic license, additional components and objects that require protection takes just a few minutes. Once the choice is made, a single license key file is generated for all personal computers, servers or gateways that need protection, regardless of their platform. With the user-friendly Control Center administration of an anti-virus network has never been easier. Moreover, the Switch to the Green migration programme for customers of other anti-virus vendors offers a 50% discount if they choose to change for Dr.Web. All these features allow Doctor Web Pacific to offer Japanese companies efficient, easy-to-use and cost-saving solution to information security problems.

"After we came to Japan in 2004, we've been learning specific characteristics of the market step by step. You can say that Japan is a real anti-virus fair and newcomers should not expect a warm welcome. Our marketing strategy is far from standard approaches to entering a new market and we are ready to give our full support to the renowned IT specialist and general manager of our Japanese branch Mr. Sugawara in fulfilling this strategy in the Land of the Rising Sun", Boris Sharov, the General Director of Doctor Web said.

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