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Track the status of your requests with Doctor Web's technical support bot

February 9, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated its Telegram technical support bot #DrWebSupportBot. Now users can receive support tracker notifications about changes in the status of their tickets from the bot as well as via email, which makes tracking support requests even easier.

To configure tracking, do the following:

  1. Find the DrWebSupportBot account in Telegram or follow this link.
  2. In the bot's main menu, select "Connect to Dr.Web account". In this step, the bot will request an authorisation code that will link your Doctor Web account with your Telegram account.
  3. Then go to to get an authorisation code.
  4. Copy the code and send it as a message to the bot.

Done—now you will receive notifications on all ticket status changes in the form of a bot notification. This option is available only for those tickets that were created after the authorisation code was entered.

You can unlink your account from the bot on your own by tapping "Disconnect from Dr.Web account" in the bot's menu.

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