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Doctor Web, Ltd. and InternetNow International (Malaysia) build the True.Mail appliance based on Dr.Web mail filtering technologies

December 5, 2007

Doctor Web, Ltd., a Russian IT-security solutions developer and InternetNow International, a provider of security products and services, launch the True.Mail security appliance based on Dr.Web for Unix mail servers filtering technologies.

True.Mail is another appliance based on Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance used to scan mail traffic for viruses and spam. The appliance can be configured using web interface and features hourly automatic updates, automatic recovery and the IARAT design. The automatic recovery is an important design for appliance replacement and zero downtime strategy. It targets mainly Malaysian, Thai and Singapore markets – the markets where Windows OS and Windows-based products and appliances prevail.

“Integration of Dr.Web for Unix mail servers technologies into the True.Mail hardware designed for Windows environment is a great opportunity to present Dr.Web for Unix technologies on the South Asian market” – Doctor Web, Ltd. CEO Boris Sharov comments upon the results of the cooperation – Besides, it is important from a strategic point of view that we enter the market with Dr.Web e-mail filtering solutions which have always been ahead of their competitors. I have no doubts that the high speed of e-mail traffic filtering achieved by implementation of the multithread scanning engine, stability and exceptional resistance to virus attacks won’t go unnoticed and users will take advantage of using TrueMail.”

Since the release of new line of e-mail filtering products by Dr.Web in May 2007, they have been thoroughly tested by InternetNow International engineers. The test results were so promising that the decision to use a Unix-based technology for the purely Windows market was natural and easy to make.

“We use Dr.Web technologies for our appliance because there are just no other competing technologies that could provide the same non compromising protection without sacrificing efficiency” says CEO of InternetNow, Thomas Tan.

R&D Director Marcus Low who lead the project adds: “The response we get from Dr.Web in solving virus removal and detection is amazing, now that alone is a key requirement of any anti-virus based product. In an email system particularly where attachments can come in dozens of formats and archive and the need to unpack and detect such attachments is crucial, we find Dr.Web scanner leading the pack”.

About InternetNow International

InternetNow International has been staying on the security market since 1998. The company creates hardware solutions to monitor and protect mail traffic from viruses, spam and attacks of hackers under its own brand name InternetNow Suite™. Several thousand of customers of the company in South Eastern Asia use InternetNow Suite™ solutions.

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