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Support for macOS Big Sur — coming soon in Dr.Web products

December 3, 2020

Doctor Web is informing users that support for the recently released macOS Big Sur will soon be implemented in Dr.Web for macOS solutions. Recall that Dr.Web for macOS is available as a separate product and is also included in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and Dr.Web Anti-virus subscriptions.

Note that macOS Big Sur is fundamentally different from previous Apple OS versions. In particular, its software interface, which must be used by security applications, has been altered. As a result, our specialists had to start creating from scratch modules responsible for intercepting network traffic and checking launched files. The work being undertaken to ensure compatibility with macOS Big Sur is almost complete, and soon this OS will be added to our list of supported OSs.

The release of Dr.Web for macOS with support for macOS Big Sur will be announced separately; the upgrade to this version will be available free of charge to all Dr.Web users.

The latest information about supported operating systems can be found in the Dr.Web product documentation.

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