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Dr.Web vxCube updated to version 1.4.20

August 03, 2020

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated its emergency file analysis and malware neutralisation service Dr.Web vxCube to version 1.4.20. The update delivers new features and resolves known issues.

New features:

  • The OpenOffice document format is now supported;
  • Split user queues are now used during analysis sessions;
  • New behaviour descriptions are now available for samples running under Android.


  • The link to Google+ has been removed from HTML reports;
  • A UI issue involving process diagrams overlapping with the legend if opened in a separate tab has been eliminated;
  • Also eliminated was a defect causing analysis errors if a socks4/socks5 proxy server was being used, but no proxy port had been specified.
  • An error preventing generated files and memory dumps from being downloaded has been corrected;
  • The cursor is now displayed properly on the sign-in page during login and password entry;
  • An API log problem has been fixed;
  • Also addressed was an issue involving Russian text appearing in PDF reports in English;
  • And, finally, a defect causing Acrobat Reader to terminate abnormally while a PDF document was being opened has been eliminated.

The documentation in English has also been updated.

To purchase a license, please contact our sales support.

With a Dr.Web vxCube trial license, available here, you can examine 10 objects in 10 days.

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