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Agent components updated in Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.1

June 8, 2020

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Net Filtering Service (,Dr.Web File System Monitor (, the Dr.Web Protection for Windows ( and Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API ( modules, Dr.Web Control Service (, the module Dr.Web Thunderstorm Cloud Client SDK ( and Dr.Web Scanning Engine ( in its Internet-service Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.1. The update makes the solution compatible with the latest version of Windows 10, resolves known issues, and delivers minor upgrades.

Changes made to Dr.Web Net Filtering Service:

  • A defect causing HTTPS connections to be blocked if the WPAD protocol was being used to access websites via a proxy server has been eliminated.
  • A problem causing the dwnetfilter.exe process to consume a large amount of memory while emails were being received over IMAP has been resolved;

Changes made to Dr.Web File System Monitor:

  • An issue that could cause Windows 10 to freeze at startup has been corrected;
  • An issue involving Windows system crashes, which could occur while DFS (Distributed File System) file shares were being accessed, has been resolved.
  • Threat detection and neutralisation routines have been enhanced;
  • A defect that could cause a system crash has been eliminated.

Changes made to Dr.Web Protection for Windows:

  • A defect that could result in a system crash (BSOD) while the system was being scanned with Vba32 anti-virus software has been corrected.
  • A problem has been fixed that rendered the self-protection module non-operational if Dallas Lock software was being used alongside Dr.Web in a system.
  • The update addresses compatibility issues between Dr.Web and ViPNet CSP on Windows 10 (x86) PCs.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API:

  • An issue that could cause memory leaks while running processes were being scanned has been resolved.
  • A dwservice.exe process problem that could cause increased CPU usage when H.264 video files were being opened has been eliminated.
  • Also resolved was an issue that could cause the operating system to freeze during terminal sessions;
  • A problem that could cause a system crash (BSOD) under Windows XP has been eliminated.
  • Enhanced threat detection and neutralisation routines.

Dr.Web Thunderstorm Cloud Client SDK:

  • An issue that could sometimes cause dwarkdaemon.exe to terminate abnormally on PCs running Windows XP has been eliminated.

Changes made to Dr.Web Scanning Engine:

  • Also corrected was a defect that prevented files from being restored to their previous versions with their shadow copies on remote PCs if the option to scan objects in a local network had been enabled;
  • An issue preventing scanning from being interrupted while the anti-rootkit scan was running has been resolved.
  • A scanning issue involving password-protected archives has been fixed.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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