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150 days without viruses, spam and extra charges

December 1, 2010

Doctor Web is eager to share the good news: the number of bonus days has increased when purchasing new licenses for Dr.Web version 6.0 products as a renewal.

If you register such a license, having specified the parameters of the expired or expiring one (for a term of at least 6 months), you are gifted 150-day product use period for free.

The new terms and conditions are applied to all the Dr.Web version 6.0 products except for licenses featuring the Control Centre. With 150 free days, you will be able to save 40% of the anti-virus product cost — that is the discount stipulated for the renewal of licenses for a term of 1 year under the new Dr.Web product licensing terms and conditions.

Formerly, the number of bonus days given upon the renewal with a new license was hundred. And from now on, the lifetime without viruses, spam and extra expenditures has increased by half!

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