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Agent software updated in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0

March 10 , 2020

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated a number of agent software components in its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0. The updated components include Dr.Web Control Service (, the ES Service module (, SpIDer Agent for Windows (, Dr.Web Net Filtering Service (, Dr.Web Scanner SE (, the Dr.Web Updater module (, the configuration script Lua-script for win-es-agent-setup ( and Lua-script for exchange-plugin-setup, lotus-plugin-setup (, Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, the amsi-client module ( and the Dr.Web SysInfo component ( The update introduces new features, resolves known issues, and delivers minor upgrades.

Dr.Web Control Service:

  • Schedule updating routines have been optimised for Mobile mode;
  • An issue causing the agent to switch to Mobile mode if a server authorisation error occurred has been resolved;
  • A defect causing the agent to retrieve updates from the Global Updating Network, even if a connection to the ES server had been established, has been corrected;
  • Application control issues have been addressed;

Changes made to the ES Service:

  • An issue that might cause the service to terminate abnormally has been resolved;
  • Adjustments have been made to make sure that attempts to stop scanning on a host via the Control Center (if no scan is actually running) cause no errors;
  • An issue preventing the agent to pass the correct information about application exceptions and the option All ports to the server has been addressed;
  • Also corrected was a defect preventing statistics and scanning status information from being sent to the server if the option to disable network connectivity during scanning was toggled on.

Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows:

  • Minor UI display issues have been resolved. UI elements now display properly on high-resolution screens.
  • Now a device ID can be specified when a device is being added to the whitelist;
  • In the behaviour analysis settings, the Driver loading item is once again available in the new application rule dialogue.
  • The new site category Jobs is now available in the Office Control settings;
  • An issue that might cause the agent to terminate abnormally has been resolved;
  • Hidden directories can now be displayed in the file dialogue if a user has sufficient permissions;
  • The Ransomware Protection parameters have been moved to the Preventive Protection section for system administrators' convenience;
  • Problems preventing long links from being displayed correctly in the notification bar and balloons have been eliminated;
  • If an administrator has permissions to change the agent settings, they can now adjust quarantine and statistics parameters too;
  • Messages from administrators now interrupt screen savers.

Changes made to the Dr.Web Net filtering Service:

  • The new site category Jobs is now available in the Office Control settings;
  • The update also addresses a defect causing HTTPS connections to be blocked if the WPAD protocol was being used to access websites via a proxy server.

Changes made to Dr.Web Scanner SE:

  • An issue preventing network drive letters from being displayed properly in the custom scan browse dialogue under Windows XP has been eliminated;
  • Scanner UI items are now displayed correctly;
  • UI elements now display properly on high-resolution screens.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API:

  • Enhanced threat detection and neutralisation routines;
  • Problems involving scan exceptions in shared network directories have been addressed.

Changes made to amsi-client:

  • Issues involving the option to scan Windows Script Host and PowerShell scripts have been fixed.

Changes made to Dr.Web SysInfo:

  • The Application control databases can now be retrieved from %Programdata%\Doctor Web\App Control\db\.

The documentation has been updated too.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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