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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite – centrally managed protection of all hosts in a corporate network

November 22, 2010

Doctor Web presents a new Dr.Web product line for corporate customers — Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. The new product line incorporates Dr.Web software products which support centralized administration of protection for all hosts in a corporate network. Licensing terms have undergone significant changes to reflect the main idea of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite – provide an opportunity to establish centrally-managed anti-virus protection for all hosts in a corporate network with one Dr.Web solution.

The Dr.Web product line is improved constantly as Doctor Web in its strive to provide the highest usability and user-friendliness releases new products and adds new features to anti-viruses users are already familiar with . By releasing its top Dr.Web 6.0 business product in September 2010, Doctor Web united numerous software Dr.Web products into five commercial Dr.Web products. The merging of software products into commercial ones makes it easier for customers to choose a solution they need. Search through the multitude of products is no longer necessary – decide what you need to protect and Dr.Web will get you a solution.

You’ve got something that needs protection? We’ve got Dr.Web!

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite incorporates all Dr.Web products for corporate customers. Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite includes the following commercial Dr.Web products:

  • Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite — protection of personal computers, embedded system clients and terminal and virtual server clients,
  • Dr.Web Server Security Suite — protection for file and application servers (including terminal and virtual servers),
  • Dr.Web Mail Security Suite — protection for mail servers,
  • Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite — protection for gateways,
  • Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite — protection for mobile devices.

New licensing provides flexible license configuration enabling a user to select only components he needs. A customer can choose between any software products included into the commercial Dr.Web product. Pricing is also transparent since the customer can see what he pays for and he pays only for the software he intends to use.

One basic Anti-virus license is available for all products except for Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite which can also be purchased under the Comprehensive protection license (it includes anti-virus, anti-spam, HTTP-monitor, office control and firewall). The Anti-virus license for Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite now also covers the firewall. Each commercial Dr.Web product incorporates its own set of additional components. The anti-spam, for example, is available with three products: Dr.Web Mail Security Suite, Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite and Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite and it is provided free of charge with the suite for mobile devices; yet SMTP proxy is only available with Dr.Web Mail Security Suite.

The Control Center is licensed free of charge for all Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products. The following anti-viruses can be managed by means of the Control Center:

  • Dr.Web for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X desktops and laptops;
  • Dr.Web for Windows server, Mac OS X Server and Novell NetWare;
  • Dr.Web for Unix mail servers, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus and Kerio mail servers;
  • Dr.Web for Internet gateways Kerio;
  • Dr.Web for mobile devices running Windows Mobile.

Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is only available with other products. Customers purchasing Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite get the suite for handhelds free of charge along with Dr.Web CureNet! (if the license covers the Control Center) and Dr.Web CureIt! (without the Control Center).

You can find more detailed information about licensing of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite here.

Another innovation concerns Dr.Web key files. Now a single key file is generated for the solution selected by a customer. The file can be used with Dr.Web software products for protection of a certain type of objects under all platforms supported by the commercial Dr.Web product. If you change your platform from Unix to Windows while the license is valid, you won’t need to change the key but simply download a distribution file of a required program free of charge from and install it.

Products fro business are available as Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and as separate commercial products.

The changes aim at meeting contemporary requirements of the market and also to simply choosing and using our products. Dr.Web is reliable and also is easy.

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