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Components of Dr.Web for Windows updated

November 22, 2010

Doctor Web announced updating of components of Dr.Web 6.0 products for Windows PCs and file servers. Changes have been made to the HTTP-monitor, firewall and mail and file monitors. Updating the file monitor in particular increased operating system boot speed. The self-protection module has been updated for all Dr.Web products 5.0 and 6.0 for Windows and for Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 5.0 and 6.0.

Compatibility of Dr.Web SelfPROtect with third-party software and drivers has been improved particularly by changing file name handling routines. Operation of the anti-virus under server versions of Windows has become more stable.

The unique caching technology implemented in the file monitor reduces operating system boot time significantly. Now files that haven’t been modified after the last updating of virus databases are not scanned at system startup. This technology works only with files stored on NTFS partitions.

The Parental control now can’t be used to restrict access to the system drive. An error of the HTTP monitor when the restart of SpIDer Gate was required to start using updated databases of the parental control has been fixed.

An issue of the firewall that caused a critical error as the firewall processed connection requests from applications with incorrect signatures has been resolved.

Changes made to SpIDer Mail improved its compatibility with the Sylpheed mail client and with MS Outlook Connector. Scanning routines used to check IMAP traffic have been improved. A spam reason marker is now added to headers of unsolicited messages. The marker can be used to create additional mail processing rules for mail clients.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses but applying the update will require a system reboot.

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