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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0 beta testing underway

September 5, 2019

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched public beta testing for its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0. The new version incorporates new utilities, yet another protection component, and tweaks and upgrades for the agent and the server software. The most active beta testers will receive gifts from Doctor Web!

The following utilities are now accessible via the Dr.Web Control Center:

  • Dr.Web for Windows removal utility—removes corrupted/broken Dr.Web agent installations under Windows if standard removal routines are inaccessible or will not work (this should not be used as the default way to uninstall Dr.Web);
  • The Dr.Web system information utility—compiles reports containing information about the current status of the system and all the applications (including Dr.Web) installed on machines running the Dr.Web anti-virus and server software. Administrators can now use report archives to assess the current state of their anti-virus networks and compile reports for the Doctor Web technical support service.

New component:

  • With the application control component, administrators can establish which applications can be started and which ones on their network computers running Dr.Web Agent for Windows should be blocked. The component settings are only accessible on the Dr.Web server end.

Changes made to the Dr.Web Server:

  • SMBv2 is now available under all supported operating systems and can be used to install the agents remotely;
  • Windows Server 2019 is now supported by both Dr.Web Server and Dr.Web Agent for Windows.
  • New repository products:
    • Corporate Dr.Web products whose product and component installers were previously only available in the Dr.Web extra distribution;
    • Dr.Web administration utilities and utility installers, which are accessible via the Control Center's Administration section ? Utilities;
  • Dr.Web server and web server configuration files now contain a new option that can be used to set up Lua virtual machines for the corresponding components;
  • A new Dr.Web server parameter has been added; it can be used to create missing accounts for hosts automatically when the agent software is being installed from a group installer.
  • The new server plugin—Dr.Web SNMP-agent—facilitates the exchange of data with network monitoring software via SNMP;
  • A new agent protocol extension has been added; it can be used to transmit data to the server via SFTP;
  • A default administrator password (admin) can now be specified in the reply configuration file for server installations under Unix-like operating systems;
  • Situations where a product from the current server repository cannot be found on the updating servers when all the products are being updated are now handled independently of other events;
  • The Web API that facilitates interaction with the Dr.Web Server has been updated (version 4.3.0).

Changes made to the Control Center:

  • The addition of Polish language support for the Dr.Web server software;
  • New repository parameters in the advanced settings:
    • The ability to disable the exchange of updates for neighbouring servers, which prevents updates from being forwarded using inter-server links;
    • The ability to disable updating via neighbouring servers, which prevents updates from being downloaded using inter-server links;
  • Additional parameters are now available for the Dr.Web ICAPD and SpIDer Gate components for PCs running Unix-like operating systems;
  • Protection components can now be started and stopped remotely via the Control Center on hosts running Unix-like operating systems;
  • Statistics are now available about devices that are being blocked by Dr.Web on protected hosts;
  • New notification sorting options have been added for events involving the Dr.Web Preventing Protection and Application Control components, malware outbreaks, and abnormally terminated client connections;
  • A log has been added that contains information about abnormally terminated client connections;
  • The license usage report is no longer associated with inter-server links, and the parameters that need to be specified to create such reports have changed;
  • The audit log now contains information about the following events: Purge database, Analyse database and Purge Active Directory database;
  • INI files for host protection components under Unix-like systems can now be imported and exported;
  • A new Dr.Web Agent for Windows option is used to transmit host location information to the server;
  • MAC addresses can now be used to look for hosts in the anti-virus network layout window;
  • The Modules statistics section now displays information about protected hosts running Unix-like systems;
  • Maximum message length has been set for messages that administrators can send to protected hosts via the anti-virus network;
  • A maximum message length has been set for messages that administrators can send to protected hosts via the anti-virus network;
  • Documentation in the Dr.Web Control Center’s Support section has been updated and expanded.

Changes made to the Dr.Web Agent:

  • The Dr.Web Agent for Windows featuring the revamped design is now supported;
  • A new device class—Multimedia devices—is now available in the Office Control settings under Windows for more reliable access control.

No longer supported:

  • Dr.Web Server is no longer compatible with Windows versions older than Windows 7 (?32) and Windows Server 2008R2 (?64);
  • The extra Dr.Web distribution is no longer available;
  • Dr.Web server software cannot be installed on disk partitions with file systems that do not support symbolic links (such as FAT);
  • The installer can't be used to change the set of installed Dr.Web server components;
  • The suite will never attempt to connect to external databases that cannot work with Dr.Web Server;
  • A key that has been blocked in the License Manager will never be relayed to the protected hosts in the anti-virus network;
  • The option to accept SMS commands without a password has been removed from Android’s protection settings;
  • The option to use hardware neutralisation has been removed from the host configuration for Windows;
  • Administrator permissions cannot be changed in the Control Center's Settings section.
  • The EULA has been removed from the Active Directory object management utility.

Doctor Web welcomes all users to take part in the beta testing for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0 ( Please note that registration is required to access the beta section of our website.

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