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Configure Dr.Web Firewall — an important tool for managing your information security

October 14, 2019

Doctor Web invites all Dr.Web users to participate in the new project in its “Configure Dr.Web” series in order to learn more about the features within Dr.Web Firewall’s settings. Each survey participant who has a Doctor Web account will be awarded with 100 Dr.Weblings as a “thank you” for taking time out to answer the survey questions.

Doctor Web will award participants 100 Dr.Weblings for taking part in its “Configure Dr.Web” project about Dr.Web Firewall’s settings.

Many users, especially inexperienced ones, opt not to install the firewall when installing Dr.Web anti-virus products because this component periodically displays messages that require a response, thereby allegedly distracting users so frequently that they can’t work in peace on the Internet.

Dr.Web Firewall indeed operates according to the rules and settings users configure for it. Usually, the rules are established during the "dialogue" that takes place between the user and the application: the firewall issues requests for program network access, and its owner decides whether to allow the connection or not. That is why it is very important to be extremely meticulous when working with the firewall; programs used should only be given the network access permissions they need.

The new project in the “Configure Dr.Web” series is devoted to properly configuring Dr.Web Firewall, and all Dr.Web users are invited to participate. We invite IT professionals involved in administering Dr.Web products for business, as well as Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus users, to test how well they know how to configure this Dr.Web component. Answering the survey questions will help participants learn more about the firewall’s features and show them that it is an important tool for keeping them safe on the Internet. Doctor Web will award each participant with 100 Dr.Weblings as a “thank you” for spending time answering the survey questions.

Start configuring the settings

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