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When hope is lost Dr.Web LiveCD will revive your system

October 28, 2008

Doctor Web — a Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web — presents Dr.Web LiveCD aimed to become an efficient tool restoring a system after a virus attack. Every user can download this product free of charge.

Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus solution that will revive an operating system that was rendered unbootable by malware. The anti-virus will clean a computer of malware and cure infected system files or place them in the quarantine if necessary. Dr.Web LiveCD can be especially useful for users whose machines often get infected or for companies that provide system restore and diagnosis services.

The new product from Doctor Web is a Linux LiveCD that can be used to scan Windows and Linux machines for viruses. A user may choose to load the software in the standard GUI mode or start in the safe mode using only the command line. The latter option is meant for customers familiar with Unix-family operating systems. Dr.Web LiveCD allows performing express, full and advanced scan.

Dr.Web LiveCD also supports updating of the virus database and can be used to sned suspicious files to the virus laboratory.

The live CD continues the long-standing tradition of free programs and utilities from Doctor Web. A user from any part of the world can use free of charge Dr.Web CureIt! , Dr.Web LinkChecker, а также Dr.Web online scanner.

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