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Proxy-server for Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 released

October 25, 2010

Doctor Web announced the release of a free proxy-server incorporated into Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0. This product facilitates communication between the anti-virus server and agents if a direct connection can't be established. It also caches updates of virus databases and program modules reducing internet traffic substantially.

The proxy-server simplifies deployment and maintenance of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite in geographically distributed networks (e.g. for companies with branch offices in several cities) and also allows connecting networks that utilize different protocols.

As well as the ES-server, the new product can be run under a Linux-like system and under Windows.

In order to use the new features of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 administers need to download the proxy server distribution file and install the server. More detailed information about the proxy server is available in documentation for the anti-virus suite.

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