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Components updated in Dr.Web 12.0 products for Windows

March 25, 2019

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Thunderstorm Cloud Client SDK (, Dr.Web Updater (, and SpIDer Agent for Windows ( in Dr.Web Security Space 12.0, Dr.Web Anti-virus 12.0, and Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows Servers. Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 and Dr.Web Anti-virus 12.0 have also had the Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows setup ( module updated. Minor changes have been made to UI texts and user guides. The update delivers new features and resolves known issues.

Changes made to Dr.Web Updater:

  • An update error message that would appear when some updating servers were unavailable and the rest couldn’t provide updates has been disabled.
  • An issue leading to repeated attempts being made to download updates from the same server, which had previously returned an error, has been eliminated.

Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows in all the products:

  • Users are now warned that detailed logs can take up a significant portion of disk space;
  • A log settings issue has been fixed that involved the "Default settings" string being displayed regardless of what the current language settings were;
  • A warning about possible compatibility issues with third-party software is now displayed if the behaviour analyser is being switched to medium or paranoid mode;
  • If several unsuccessful attempts are made to interact with unavailable UI elements, users are now given a tip to switch to administrator mode;
  • The “Trusted applications” table field, which shows information about exceptions, is now also in the Data Loss Prevention section;
  • The download progress bar theme has been changed;
  • Pressing “Back” in the Settings window now returns users to the previous section rather than the main window;
  • Multiple items can now be selected in the file and directory browse dialogues;
  • Information about events with statistics can no longer be deleted in user mode.

Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows in Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus:

  • An issue involving the active connections list in the firewall statistics has been eliminated.
  • Also addressed was a firewall rule-editing problem that could occur if search was being used (changes weren't being applied for the selected application).

Changes made to Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows setup:

  • Minor display issues have been resolved.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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