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Components updated in Dr.Web 12.0 products for Windows

January 31, 2019

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, the Dr.Web Shellguard anti-exploit module (, Dr.Web for Outlook Plugin (, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows servers setup (, and the Dr.Web Protection for Windows module ( in Dr.Web Security Space 12.0, Dr.Web Anti-virus 12.0, and Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows Servers. The update resolves known software issues.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API:

  • An issue that could cause memory leaks while running processes were being scanned has been resolved.
  • A dwservice.exe process problem that could cause increased CPU usage when H.264 video files were being opened has been eliminated.

Changes made to the Dr.Web Shellguard anti-exploit module:

  • An issue causing anti-exploit module false positives to occur while MS Office 2019 and the Office Tab 13.0 plugin or Habel software were in use has been fixed.
  • Security has been enhanced for dll files being used by protected applications.

Changes made to Dr.Web for Outlook Plugin:

  • A problem preventing file names of password-protected archives from displaying correctly when being added to the quarantine has been resolved.
  • UI elements in the plugin settings window now display properly on high-resolution screens.
  • An issue interfering with message sending in MS Outlook 2010 has been resolved.
  • Issues involving anti-spam false positives have been addressed.
  • Also addressed was an issue preventing the plugin from launching if MS Outlook started automatically before the Dr.Web modules.
  • A performance issue occurring when switching between messages in MS Outlook (provided no anti-spam module was installed) has been resolved.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows servers setup in Dr.Web for Windows Servers:

  • Improved Lithuanian language support.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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