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Doctor Web to drop support for Dr.Web 6.0 in June 2019

January 15, 2019

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has announced that it is going to discontinue support for its Dr.Web 6.0 software. Although Dr.Web series 6 solutions introduced a variety of innovative technologies at the time of their release, at this point they have become completely obsolete.

End of support deadlines:

  • Dr.Web Mail Security Suite 6.0—December 31, 2019.
  • All other Dr.Web 6.0 products—June 30, 2019.

Technical support for the products, as well as virus database and component updating, will become unavailable after the above dates.

Dr.Web 6.0 was released in March 2010 and has lived a long life compared with many other anti-viruses. But nowadays version 6 lacks the technological capability to neutralise all state-of-the-art threats. Meanwhile, in the years since, Dr.Web has doubled in “age”—the current Dr.Web version is 12. And we never stop encouraging our users to upgrade to newer versions—especially since owners of commercial licenses can do so free of charge.

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